Who is Peter J. Burns III?


Most nineteen year-olds spend their time getting drunk at college parties and making poor decisions.  However, Peter Burns wasn’t like most nineteen year-olds. As a 1st-year student at UVa.’s McIntire School of Commerce, he wrote his firstbusiness plan.  That summer, he implemented said plan on Nantucket Island, opening up Nantucket Moped, the first moped rental business in the U.S.  Over the course of twenty years, by expanding his rental product mix and integrating beach stores with each rental business, Peter created the largest recreational rental chain in the world, opening over 100 locations around the U.S. and Caribbean.  Since his initial foray into business, Peter has been involved with over 100 businesses, either by starting, running, expanding buying or selling them.

In 1987, Peter was a Founding Member of YEO (www.eonetwork.org).  With over 15,000 members, YEO, now EO is the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world.  In 2006, Peter started Club Entrepreneur, bringing entrepreneurs, experts and executives together to discuss new opportunities and expand their businesses.  After developing the Club Entrepreneur and eFactor/Club E Office models, Peter established “Club E International” (www.clubeintl.com), a licensing model which operates Club Entrepreneur chapters in Georgia, Arizona and Florida.  Burns serves as Chairman Emeritus.  He also partnered with a colleague at Club E Atlanta’s College Park facility, which houses a Club Entrepreneur chapter and offers work spaces, seminars, workshops and full support to the local entrepreneurs in a state-of-the-art facility.  (www.clubeatlanta.comwww.clubemembers.com).  This model represents a unique Public/Private partnership with the City of College Park, and serves as the model for replication in virtually any community.

With over 37 years of successful entrepreneurship experience to his name, Peter has been involved with helping other entrepreneurs make their business dreams become a reality.  Peter has served as the “Entrepreneur in-residence” at Grand Canyon University’s College of Entrepreneurship (which he founded), the Dean of Andrew Jackson University’s College of Entrepreneurship and the Chancellor of Southern State University’s College of Entrepreneurship, where he helped mentor aspiring young entrepreneurs and help them succeed.  He recently founded and operated B3 Funding Partners, which funded both debt and equity deals for entrepreneurs across the country, and serves as the CEO.